• The Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Original Casts, Where Do They Go From There?

    Source: “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” is an American live action children’s television series. It’s about a group of teenagers who were chosen to protect the world from the group of alien invaders and were given the ability to “morph” into super-powered warriors and to pilot giant robots called “Zords.” A film rebooting the series, distributed by Lionsgate, is currently […]

  • (know your) Skin Tone + Perfect Shades = A Perfect YOU!

    Human skin color ranges in variety from that darkest brown to the lightest hues. Over time, the social significance of differences in skin color has varied across cultures. And women as we are, beauty becomes a must in our day-to-day undertakings when in fact, choosing the right shades that will perfectly match to our skin […]

  • DIY Villain Costumes That Will Surely Unleash The Devil Side Of You

      Heroes became great because villains were too good to be bad. They’re absolutely effective, that is. And as far as heroes became loved, villains turns out to be just as celebrated as they were. In fact, most of them became everyone’s favorite when it comes to Cos playing. And you’ve got to believe me, some creations were just […]

  • Troubled in Paradise!!! Celebrity Breakups of 2015

    When love is gone! We have witnessed some celebrities whose love blossomed for months and even for years but their relationship has unfortunately burned out. These couples who had graced their fans with their public displays of affection had probably underwent relationship struggles because of their individual differences. For as much as they wanted to keep […]

  • How Much Did Celebrities Transformed For Years? Check This Out!!!

      Source: To be a successful celebrity, you have to know what the public demands. And that’s why there are lots of known celebrities today that went through a hard time working out for their image. They too, had their own sacrifices in order to meet the expectations of the public. They’re ready to change […]

  • Amazing Resemblances From Fruits And Veggies, Definitely One of Nature’s Bests!!!

    ‘Twas interesting to know what else nature can offer to everyone of us every moment of the day. It’s actually unpredictable and sometimes we were caught in a big surprise. It is something one could not tell how deep or how high mother nature can offer to the this world. Immeasurable, that is! This article proves it […]

  • Paris Jackson Is Definitely On The Right Track

    What does it takes to be a child of a superstar? Pressured, I suppose. But maybe it’s how a child accept and deal with it. The what many has so-called “living in the shadow” of their parent’s popularity. Growing up in the spotlight is loaded with great expectations among the public and unfortunately, many had […]

  • Banana Goes Viral: These Sculptures You Shouldn’t Miss!!!

    Sculpture is one of the popular form of visual arts and many became famous in this field. But what makes a sculpture unique? Meet this artist who became popular through his unique and delicious carvings. Keisuke Yamada, a Japanese artist instantly drew public attention with his edible masterpieces. This self-taught artist who is an electrician by profession takes plain bananas […]

  • Vintage Santa Photos That Will Bring Horror Rather Than Good Cheer!!!

    Ho! ho! ho! It’s Christmas! Well, all might agree that Chistmas is the most wonderful time of the year where children gets so excited because surely, good things are about to happen. What symbolizes Christmas, anyway? Gifts, christmas trees, sparkling lights and of course, Santa! Oh, yes Santa’s coming down the chimney tonight! Traditionally, children longed […]

  • Wonder How Celebrities Look Like Evolved Pokemon? Check Out This List!!!

    Pokémon… The moment it was released, it spreads to all humanity like a fast growing disease. Everyone knows it, and I bet you are. Pokémons are captured by humans and let them settle in that round crazy stuff and are trained to fight each other for sport. One of the most awaited moment is the […]

  • Worst People That Brings Along Dilemma During A Flight

    Travel can be wonderful and exciting. One of the interesting things about travel is the new acquaintances while on board. However, travelers can sometimes be subject to difficulties. They can be annoying, rude, smelly, inconsiderate, and loud. So while waiting patiently for your plane, better cross your finger not to sit beside or nearer to them or […]