• She’s A plus-Size Supermodel And She’s Worthy Of It!!!

    Plus-size clothing has been around since the 1920s. That was when Lane Bryant, a maternity-clothing company started marketing “Clothing for the Stout Woman.” And talking about plus-size, here’s the largest plus-size model to land a modelling contract at a size-22 and still continuing to make history for a lifetime. She undoubtedly making it BIG in modelling industry. She was […]

  • Storybook Houses For Real… It’s No Magic!!!

    For once in your childhood fantasies probably been dreaming of a magical house found in your mom’s storybook pages. A fairy tale cottage, seashell shaped home or maybe waking up on a ginger bread house that were popularized in the 1920’s storybook houses. Storybook houses  designed with a playful style inspired by children’s books and […]

  • Photoshop Bred Hilarious Hybrid Animals!!! Check This Out…

      In the world we live in, there were many extraordinary stories of things we can hardly believe to be true. But there is nothing more believable than seeing it. Hybridization, also known as crossbreeding, is the product of mixing two animals or plants with different breeds, varieties, species or genera through sexual reproduction. It’s product is […]

  • Meet The Two Types Of Girls In This World… To Which Do You Belong?

    Marilyn Monroe says “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”. Are you this kind of girl? Well, girls do have a lot of differences and it’s quiet interesting to know the type of girl we are and those we come across every single day. Girls who believes in manicures, those who goes into […]

  • A Fake Funeral For A Friend… Find Out Why!!!

    Source: Love over friendship! Friendship is all about understanding and compassion. Has something to do with trust. Enjoying each other’s company and even makes mistakes without the fear of being judged by a friend. But why do friendship sometimes dies? Here’s a story of friendship that went to a halt for sometime but was rekindled in […]

  • Useless Body Organs: A Fact Or A Theory?

    Source:      Science is a body of knowledge. It has an unending search for truth and many theories are being formulated through scientific studies like those in human body that somehow makes us think deeper how science can actually interfere to the Creator’s perfect creations.       Studies have been made that there […]

  • Looking Back And Forth: Icons Of The 90’s, How Are They Today?

    Wow! 90’s got a lot of great memories. And while those oversize style, floral get ups, red berry lips, etc. were the popular trend, many of our actors for today surely had a great throwbacks. It’s overwhelming to see our favorite child and teen stars during those butterfly clips, long overalls, overall shorts, and overall dresses had developed into […]

  • Cristiano Ronaldo Strikes A Series Of Beautiful Goals!!!

    Cristiano Ronaldo, is a professional Portuguese footballer who plays for Real Madrid and the Portugal national team. He is known for being a strong, quick and technically sound player. Since his international debut in August of 2003 at the age of 18, the “World’s Best Player” seems to be bouncing into the dating world. Being the second timer top richest […]