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  • Women Are Losing It Over This Super Hot Grandpa

    Over the past few days, a photo of a grandfather circulating on the internet and have been the talk of netizens dubbed him as #MrStealYourGrandma. They are all getting crazy about this grandpa who still fit and insanely hot even at the age of 54. His name is Irvin Randle from Texas who works as […]

  • What Do Superheroes Look Like Then and Now

    Superhero movies such as Marvel and X-men are such a big hit these days. People can’t wait for the opening days to watch them and just a week it earns a lot of money. They also have a sequel that continues for the next few years. If you are old enough and watched the old […]

  • Gamer Proposed To Her Girlfriend In Super Mario Maker

    You can only propose once to your significant other which is why you need to make it special and unique. This is the moment that you will remember for the rest of your life and this story will always be asked by your family, friends, future children and grand children. source:youtubescreenshot A lot of proposal […]

  • This Russian Woman Is The Real Life Rapunzel

    Rapunzel is a Disney Princess that is well known for having a long hair that no one could ever imagine. It even used by his prince charming to go up and down the creepy tower where she is trapped by a vicious witch who stole her from the castle and pretends to be her mother. […]

  • The Moving Art Museum In France

    Rather than urging individuals to visit their reality renowned milestones, France’s national state-possessed rail administration SNCF has thought of a fabulous thought. They’ve chosen to convey these milestones to you, and you can appreciate them at your relaxation amid your regularly scheduled drive to work. Collaborating  in a joint effort with American assembling organization 3M, […]