Inspired By The Movie Pirates Of The Carribean A Russian Jack Sparrow Build His Own Black Pearl Pirate Ship



A 39-yr-old Russian Alexander Marchenko loves his native land more than anything else even after travelling all over Russia and other parts of the world. After watching the blockbuster movie series Pirates of the Caribbean. He decided to make a replica of the famous Black Pearl ship but not as a sailing pirate ship but as a hotel.

Though Alexander is a total amateur in ship building but it doesn’t stop him from doing it. The determined Russian went online and downloaded some guides and schematic on ship building. After years of dedication and hard work he finally built one and it lies in the river of Yenisie. He spent around 3.5 million rubles (115 million dollars) in building the ship. He is positive that his ship will be famous around the globe and will attract tourists in the future.

Alexander Marchenko (Source:

More photos of the replica of the Black Pearl

Amateur shipbuilder Marchenko works on constructing a traditional 17th century-style wooden sailing ship, moored to a bank of the Yenisei River

Short clip of Alexander’s ship:


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