10 Guys Selena Gomez Has Dated That You Need To Know As A Fan

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Selena Gomez started her career at a very young age. We saw her first on children series Barney and Friends in the early 2000’s and started singing when she signed a recording contract with Hollywood records in 2008.

The cute Selena is now fully grown up into a such fine young lady and every men in the world could easily fall in love with her.

Justin Bieber maybe the most famous boyfriend of Selena and they share a lot of good memories but lately a lot of controversy going on about a possible love triangle between Selena, Justin and Zedd. I can’t wait long enough to see the development of this kind of relationship.

But before all of that, we need to know all Selena relationships prior and after “Jelena fever” that may surprise you. At the age 22, Facts and rumors concluded that lovely Selena has dated 10 guys. Who are they?

1) Nick Jonas – Singer-songwriter, Musician and Actor (One of the Jonas Brothers)

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