12 Famous Celebs Who Looks Like Other Celebs, Huge Resemblance

(photo credit: smosh.com/atrl.net)

Celebrities are truly pretty, beautiful, cute, handsome or whatever you can describe them in good ways but what surprise us is the big resemblance of their faces to other celebrities.

You may not notice these a lot or didn’t even cross your mind but the compilation of pictures below are the proof that these celebrities are exactly look the same.

Plastic surgery is not part of these. It’s just a mere coincidence. These celebrities are not even blood related and sometimes nations apart but how did it happen?

It only proofs that we all have common genes or you can say common ancestors. With 7 billion people around the globe, it’s possible that each of us has a fellow counterpart in this world.


1) Selena Gomez and Lucy Hale

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