Selena Gomez Gets Scared By Ellen But Still She Is So Adorable


Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are good friends in real life and Taylor told Selena about her last visit with Ellen Degenares, where she was down in her kness when Ellen scared her.

Selena don’t have any clue that she will be the next victim of Ellen. It happened to her three times. The first one was when she and Ellen are trying to make a conversation about their favorite scary movies and how Taylor got really scared last time she visit but the thing she didn’t know that a gift box lying beside her has a man hiding inside that will surprise her. The second and third happened in one set. Selena was talking about Justin Bieber and a man with a chain saw came sneaking behind her and the last one where she thought that the scary part is already done but a man with a vampire costume surprise her again.