WATCH: Boat Chased By A Hungry Hippopotamus, It’s Huge


Have you ever seen a hippo? If yes, then you already have an idea how huge they are. Actually they are the third largest land mammal on earth next to African elephant and African bush elephant.

A man was travelling by boat on the Chobe River in Kasane, Botswana and he captured an amazing footage of a Hippo.

He was steering slowly to explore the beautiful scenery of the river and a few meters away, he saw a Hippo charging towards his boat in a very fast phase. He needs to speed up his boat or it will be crushed by 1,500 kg Hippo.

In a few seconds the Hippo almost catch the boat and jumped to it. The man got lucky he got away. That was heart breaking and I never thought a Hippo can swim that fast.