WATCH: Why You Should Always Tell The Truth On Facbook


Facebook is the biggest social network in the world with 1.23 billion users. It’s amazing how an idea from a dorm in Harvard turns into a billion dollar company.

Facebook biggest advantage is to connect us from our old friends, classmates and families that we never see anymore. To be able to chat, speak and see their profile reminds us of the old days.

What also amazing in Facebook is you can change who you are or totally reinvent yourself but do you think, Is it really necessary?

One good example is the guy in an inspirational video below. He envy his friends posting good stuff in Facebook so what he did is reinvent his life. No matter how bad it is, he still posts good things on his wall. In return, he get likes from his friends but at the end he realized how bad his life is. He should had focus on reality than an imaginary world he created.