10 People Who Undergone Plastic Surgery To Look Like Their Favorite Celebrity

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We always idolize our favorite celebrity and see them as a fashion icon. We always put our best effort to look like them like copying the haircut, fingernails, gesture and a lot more but there are individuals who are ready to cross the line in order get the exact copy of their favorite celebrities.

One of the best method and very popular these days is plastic surgery. With our current technology, anything is possible as long as you have money. All you need to do is to find a good doctor otherwise you will end with some weird looks like what we have seen in the news.

Below is the compilation of individuals who undergone multiple times of surgery in order to look like a specific celebrity. Tell us what you think about them and comment it below.

1) Toby Sheldon (Justin Bieber)

What happened to Toby Sheldon is the result of “Bieber Fever”. Toby is 14 yrs older than Justin but he still manages to copy the looks of the famous Canadian pop star after spending $100, 000.

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