21 Famous Movies Before and After Visual Effects, The Truth Behind The Scenes


Movies these days are completely different back in the days. They have been able to develop the best visual effects possible that can step up the movie into a different level.

Putting the proper visual effects in the movies is not an easy job. It is done by professionals that have a lot of experience because the quality of the movie depends on it. It’s very rare for us to see some footages of the real scene before they put the visual effects.

Below, we have luckily compiled few images from different films of before and after visual effects. After seeing it, you will an idea what it is look like behind those cameras.



1) 300 Rise of the Empire

-The film was released on March 2014. Rise of the empire is the sequel of the 300 after the defeat of the brave 300 Spartans. One Greek general named Themistocles is trying to unite Greece from the invasion of Persian armies lead by the God King Xerxes.

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