Top 10 Young Female Celebrities That Will Steal The Spotlight This Year

Almost every year, a small time celebrity is becoming a star after getting a main role in a box office movie or producing a bestselling album. Most of them are already working in Hollywood for a long time but they don’t get a lot of recognition but after an opportunity knocks on them, their popularity is surging to an unbelievable phase.

We made a list of the young notable female celebrities with the age of 25 and below that we need to watch out this year. Most of them are already well known but the others are still rising up to the top.


10) Chloë Grace Moretz

-2014 was a busy year for Chloë but most of all she surprised us in her drama movie “If I Stay”. She became so geogeus and a total sweetheart for everyone. The scary part is that she is only 17 yrs old. We may not see the best of her yet. You need to watch out for her upcoming project “November Criminals”, “Dark Places” and “The Fifth Wave”.

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