Top 15 Countries That Dominates Miss Universe Beauty Pageant


Miss Universe is one of the “Big Four International Beauty Pageants” that is held annually. It was founded in 1952 by a clothing company in California called Pacific Mills. After few years, it became part of Kayser Roth and then passed to an American conglomerate company Gulf+Western Industries and finally, Donald Trump acquired the Miss Universe in 1996.

Miss Universe is the gathering of the finest women in the world representing their beloved country and winning the crown brings such an honor not only for them but also to its people. Since the first Miss Universe in 1952 to the recent 2014 competition, we ranked the top 15 countries which are leading in the tally of the most crowns and runner-ups.


15) Thailand

Miss Universe: Apasra Hingsakula (1965), Porntip Nakhirunkanok (1969)

1st Runner-Up:  0

2nd Runner-Up: 1

3rd Runner-Up: 0

4th Runner-Up: 0

Semifinalist:  4

Total: 7