10 People Who Have Become A Human-Doll


Barbie and Ken are the girls all time favorite dolls since it was first invented around 1950’s. They also became an icon in the fashion world because you have the ability to change their dresses in a very stylish way. Girls always look up at their dolls and sometimes they even want to be look like them when they grow-up.

Believe it or not, there are people who become a doll in real life. They had undergone multiple surgeries to attain the desired looks in every possible angle and with the addition of proper make-up, there is no mistaken a living doll has walked in our world. Meet these 10 individuals below:

1) Anastasiya Shpagina

The 22-yr-old Ukrainian uses extreme make-up techniques to attain the looks of a real life anime character. She is 5ft 2in with a weight of 90lbs. In her YouTube channel with 500k followers you can find video tutorials demonstrating her make-up skills.

(via facebook Anastasiya Shpagina)
(via facebook Anastasiya Shpagina)
(via facebook Anastasiya Shpagina)
(via facebook Anastasiya Shpagina)