30 Photos Showing Pollution Is Getting Out Of Control In China

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China is one of fastest growing economy in the world with growth rate of 10% over the past 30 years. Their products are very affordable which is why million of companies around the world are ordering from them but with the rapid  economy growth, there is always a consequences waiting for it and below are the sample photos taken in China that are very disturbing. Companies are producing a massive pollution that leads to destruction of the environment. If they cannot find a solution for these, it will cause serious health problems to their citizens.

1) Chemicals are polluting the lakes and rivers.

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2) City covered by smog.

desktop-1422384052(source: imgur)

3) Don’t even think its an art. It’s toxic.

desktop-1422384060(source: imgur)

4) Workers collect thousands of dead fish.

china-bad-pollution-climate-change-29__880(souce: boredpanda)

5) More dead fish.

desktop-1422384050 (1)(source: imgur)

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