30 Inspiring People Who Prove That There’s Still Hope For Mankind


Let’s admit it, our world is kind of mess up these days. The numbers of crimes, robbery and other bad stuff that against the law keep increasing each year. I don’t even know if it’s safe to walk in the street alone anymore but there still hope as long as there are good people in this world.

Below are the examples of good Samaritans that still exist in our world. As you keep scrolling in each image, it will make you realize that by following their random act of kindness, we can build a better world.


1) This crowd who lift the fan in a wheelchair because he also deserves to see the show.



2) When she saw her opponent was injured, she stop and help her finish the race.



3) This man who offers free haircut that only cost a hug.




4) This person who cleared his conscience after 13 long years.



5) His kindness got paid instantly.


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