Top 10 Most Gorgeous And Hottest Tennis Player Of 2015


There is no doubt that tennis is a sport where most of the gorgeous and hottest athletes play. They are extremely physically fit due to their trainings and proper food diet which gives them a body like supermodels but more physique. In fact they always appear in different famous magazines and they are smoking hot during photo shoot.

These athletes are always sponsored by different sporting brands where they always wear in matches like apparel, shoes and accessories which is why they always carry themselves very nicely inside and out of the court. Below we ranked the top 10 most gorgeous and hottest tennis player in 2015 that you don’t want to miss.

10) Klára Koukalová

The 33-yr-old Czech tennis player has won 3 WTA and 7 ITF titles in her career. She has a height of 1.66m (5 ft 5 in) and turned pro in 1999. She always represents Czech Republic in different competition and still lives in Prague. She was ranked 20 in 2013, the highest ranked she achieved in her career but this 2015 she is currently ranked 92 in the world.