16 Disney Princess Characters Gone Wild, Awesome But Creepy At The Same Time


Disney princess always project the ideal kind of woman that we always admire. They are kind, sweet and lovable but do you ever wonder what they will look like if they change their personality into some sort of devil or hardcore characters.

A DeviantArt user named Jeffrey Thomas created a collection of fan art about Disney characters and turn them into a totally different characters that you have never seen before. It changes completely how you see them. Just by looking at Jeffrey’s work, it feels like a mixture of awesome and gruesome. If you visit his collection on deviantart.com, he added his own kind of story which makes it more interesting.

1) Merida

twisted_princess__merida_by_jeftoon01-d7ybkbosource: deviantart/jeftoon01

2) Rapunzel

twisted_princess__rapunzel_by_jeftoon01-d35mvlasource: deviantart/jeftoon01

3) Mulan

Twisted_Princess__Mulan_by_jeftoon01source: deviantart/jeftoon01

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