10 of the Coolest Frogs in the World!!!


Frogs and cool don’t mix. But when they do, they make your eyes pop and your tongue out. These interesting creatures exist, but you would rarely see them because some live in the most secluded of places, in the forest and on wetlands. Sadly many are endangered, and others have gone extinct. Their natural habitats are threatened due to urbanization. Some are even sold as pets, and still others are eaten by some locals.

Many are creeped out by these colorful amphibians; but in reality they really are harmless and cool. Although a few may be poisonous. But anyway, let’s bask ourselves with their beauty.

1. Atelopus – Atelopus

Also known as harlequin frogs because of patches of bright colors on its body, the atelopus is a large family of true toads. There are a lot of species of these toads, but several of them are declining in number and others are already extinct due mainly to loss of habitat, climate change, pollution and some sort of bacteria that affects their species.

Atelopus toads are really tiny and come in many different colors. Take a look at these cute, brightly colored toads:

Antelopus varius
Atelopus spumarius

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