12 Shocking Celebrity Transformations in Movies

Actors and actresses oftentimes need to undergo drastic changes to perfectly embody the characters they have to portray. Whether they have to build up muscles for a superhero role, slim down for a much younger character, or shed some fats to fit a dying man’s persona, our superstars undergo hard and, sometimes, extreme workout to seize their goal. More than the physical change, movie or television characters sometimes seek a personal and psychological transformation from our actors so they can fully manifest the roles.

I am sure you are all part of a critical audience. What can you say about these rigorous and dramatic changes of celebrities for their roles? Did they perfectly personify what their characters wanted to portray?


1. Jake Gyllenhaal

We saw Gyllenhaal shed some pounds to play Louis Bloom in the movie “Nightcrawler.” His weight transformation is as laudable as his performance. What is shocking though is the next dramatic change he has to undergo for his next movie.

The award-winning actor would play the role of Junior Middleweight Champion Billy “The Great” Hope. He had rigorous training out and in the boxing ring to build up his muscles, his magnificent built and his champion character.

jake 3
(via redcarpetrefs.com, abcnews.go.com)

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