8 of the Luckiest People on Earth…Do you wish you were one of them?


Do you believe in luck? It’s not everyday that we can experience such because…luck. That’s just what it is. Luck is not something we could just make happen, because…luck. It just happens. Always in the most unexpected time.

People who are lucky also cannot explain their situation, because things happen. And when they happen, everything and everyone seem to be at the right place, at the right time. They fall into place perfectly to let the magic happen.

Here are some of those people who have been lucky. When you hear their stories, you sure wish luck would also be on your side… even for just once.

1. The Carrot Ring

In 1995, this woman Lena Påhlsson lost her wedding ring while baking. Sixteen years later, she found her ring worn by a rather small and suspicious carrot that she just harvested from her garden.

They thought it must have fallen into the compost that was later used to fertilize her garden. Lucky she, and lucky carrot.

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