7 Celebrities who Gained Higher Education, MAs and PhDs

Smart is the new sexy. Feeding the brain with knowledge and information is as important as filling your stomach with food, or stuffing your wallet with money. Education should be the most valuable thing in the world. Some may not agree with it, but a handful is still convinced that getting a degree surpasses any amount of money or fame.

People in the spotlight are not really known for the degrees they have obtained in their respective universities. But it is good to know that some of these celebrities, famous as they are, still value education. Let’s get to know some of those who gained MAs and PhDs before, after or even during their career as a celebrity.

1. David Duchovny – MA in English Literature

Being Fox Mulder in X-Files is not an easy task. But that is what David Duchovny is known for. He has starred as the FBI agent solving extra-terrestrial issues in the science-fiction horror drama.

Little did we know that he was also cracking his brain in English Literature when he took his Master of Arts degree in Yale University. His also proceeded to work on his PhD but never finished.


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