Hilarious!!!! Minions Take over Disney Ladies’ Heads!!!


Who can’t get enough of Minions? I couldn’t get enough of them. Jen Lewis, a very talented illustrator couldn’t get enough of them They are just the funniest and most amusing characters I have ever seen. They were introduced in the animated movie Despicable me as minions of the villainous despicable main character Gru. They later continued doing his evil work in Despicable Me 2.

Now, they will star their own movie aptly called Minions. They have starred in several movie shorts and they prove to be really hilarious. They can also speak several languages. These yellow beanies are here to capture your heart. I know for sure they have captured these Disney characters’ heads.

Take a look at these hilarious creations done by Jen Lewis. Prepare to be Minionized. Could you identify the characters?

source: boredpanda.com, thisjenlewis.tumblr.com, scifi.stackexchange.com

Little Mernion

Up where they walk, up where they run….run!!!!!

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