James Doran- Webb’s Famous Driftwood Dragons and Beast Sculptures

sculptures-driftwood-dragon-wyvern-james-doran-webb-12Source: www.demilked.com

James Doran-Webb was a British ecclesiastical architect. He worked on some churches like Salisbury, inchley, and Aldermaston. Birmingham Oratory was also designed by James.
In early 2000’s he started to sketch driftwood furniture. Upon working on the various natural shape he was drawn to experiment with his first driftwood animal sculpture. The experiment was made possible because of the enormous supply of wood making it easier for him to find the pieces which most lend themselves to the natural form and shape necessary to give his animals the movement and reality he aims to obtain in every piece he creates. He works in his studio full time  and hire few people to assist him whenever the are needed.

Here’s a glimpse of some of his standout work of arts:


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