Magnificent Costume Evolution of some of our Favorite Superheroes!!!



A hero would never be without his or her costume. As several superheroes want to hide their true identity, they seek another character garbed in a special outfit while doing their hero duties. The costume completes the hero.

Through the years, the costumes used in movies and television have evolved just as technology has developed and resources easily acquired. While designers try to stay true to the characters in the comic books, they also want to embody not just the color, the design, the emblems and the weapons, but also the strength and the power that give life to our favorite comic book heroes.

Check out the evolution of superhero costumes in movies and television. Pick out your favorites.

1. Captain America

Captain America (1944) Directed by Elmer Clifton, John English Shown: Dick Purcell as Captain America
Captain America in the 1944 movie
captain-america 1979 tv
Captain America in the 1979 TV series
captain america 1990 movie
The 1990 Captain America movie


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