MineCraft Masterpieces that Seem So Real!!!!!!

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MineCraft is a video game that encourages creativity and resourcefulness. It allows the players to construct whatever they fancy — be it a unique structure, or a replica of a famous building, aircraft, and a lot of other stuff. Using 3D objects, mainly cubes, the players can play in different game modes and enjoy. In the creative mode, they are allowed to open their imagination and break and build structures.

In this Lego-esque world, we can already imagine some game players showing off their cubic masterpieces. Some of them just look astounding, you couldn’t believe it’s just made entirely of cubes. Let’s be amazed:

1. Game of Thrones

Inspired by the ever dramatic, brutal and tragic TV series, Game of Thrones, this group of players recreated some of the famous places in the imaginative world of the author.

King’s Landing






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