Mystery Untold: A Mysterious Secret Entrance Found!!!

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History is said to be the written record of the past. One of the most loved histories were about mysterious things being unfold.

You may wonder how Egyptians were able to build those famous pyramids without the help of modern technologies, or come to think of the Stonehenge’s many theories about its origin ranging from the academic worlds of excavation to explanations from legend or belief. Such an interesting topics to dig upon.

Just like this amazing site, for which makes everyone wonder why this was being hidden. Millions of shells have been used to make this amazing craft. Nobody can explain who built this amazing place, or why. Various stories were made from its discovery. And yet, there’s still little chances of finding the reality into it. What a strange world we live in!

A legend says it was discovered 180 years ago by chance. It started in 1835 when Mr. James Newlove was digging  a duck pond in his field and incidentally dropped his shovel into a dipper hole. Out of curiosity, he wants to investigate the mystery deep in there. Tying a rope at Joshua’s waist ( his son), he handed him a lighted candle and lowered him to find out whats in there. What did Joshua discovered inside? It’s unbelievable but true! It’s a remarkable winding tunnels with magnificent symbol mosaics mostly of sun and stars, made out of cockle, whelk, mussel, and oyster shells.

Take a look and be mesmerized at these outstanding, or you may call it miraculous feat accomplished by will and determination and the desire of an extraordinary human. It’s truly is an unsolved amazing mystery!

When Joshua was lowered into the hole,  this mysterious winding tunnel amazingly covered of millions and millions of thoroughly placed shells surprised him! 


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