The Evolution of the King’s Face: MICHAEL JACKSON, the “King of Pop”


An American singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, and an actor. That was Michael Joseph Jackson, the “King of Pop”. Michael became an icon in the field of music and dance. With his personal life boost in public, Michael became a dominant figure worldwide in popular music for over four decades.

Michael Jackson’s personal life, including his changing appearance created controversy. He went through various image alterations. His appearance dramatically changes. This left many people in the late 2000’s asking all sorts of cosmetic surgery questions like “how much do fillers cost?” and wondering if they should get it done themselves.

Let’s look back:

Michael, 1970


As the youngest member of the Jackson 5, Michael was once the extra ordinary cherub-faced child performer in the late 1970’s. Behind this little innocent look is a strong determination to succeed in his field.

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