Watch out for these Under 21 Young Models of this Generation


Models obviously should know how to be the center of attention. As public presenters of certain products, it is their duty to get the interest of the consumers. Modeling is a job that requires much from its workers–physical needs and psychological demands. It may look glamorous, but it’s a grueling process to go to the top. Though not always appreciated by the public, these requirements are necessary to reach their goal. Models don’t stay that long in the industry, so they have to be marketable and likeable while they are still fresh.

This leads some aspiring top models to start early. If they want this glamorous job, they have to start at a young age. They have to endure the exhaustive method to progress to another level fast. Here are some of the young models of this generation. While it is still a question on whether children as young as they are should start a job as modeling, they remain some of the leading faces of print media and the Internet and these are the faces we should watch out for in the next few years.


Kendall Jenner,  born 1995


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