11 Unsinkable and Interesting Facts about the Titanic that You Probably Don’t Know Yet

3. The scheduled Titanic lifeboat drill was canceled by the captain on that day the ship sank. No one really knew the reason. But it was believed that many passengers would have known what to do during a disaster if they had practiced. It was noted that many lifeboats were not filled because people were not able to follow procedures.


source: historyofthetitanic.org

4. Speaking of lifeboats, there were only 20 lifeboats in the Titanic. And even if they were filled, it would only save half of the number of people aboard. In a panic state, almost everyone just wanted to jump into the boats and save themselves although at that time, the “women and children first” policy was supposed to be followed.

5. A man known as Daniel Buckley decided to dress as a woman so he would be able to ride the lifeboat ahead of the other men.


source: historyofthetitanic.org, en.wikipedia.org

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