Fashion Update!!! Kermit Tesoro’s Amazing and Unique Shoe Creations!!! These are Worth Checking!!


If you love unique and stylish shoes, then you should know Kermit Tesoro. He is an artist, a writer and an independent fashion and shoe designer. His unique shoe designs are the most noted and admired by big time celebrities like Lady Gaga

His views and visions for beautiful shoes are one of a kind. He has designed those shoes you probably would be scared of wearing. Or rather it’s a risk putting them on your feet, because they look haunting, creepy, but well sculpted, unique, and meant for the stars.

Recently, he has gained attention for his Polypodis design–an octopus-inspired pair that would leave you in awe.

Here are some of his famous shoe designs. Why don’t you try them on?


The master and his inspirations


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