#confidenciallybald- 10 Celebrities Who Wear Wigs Secretly!

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Baldness! Hair loss or hair thinning may be partial or complete. No matter what’s the degree of it, to some, it brings an uncomfortable feeling. Lack of self confidence. Yes, you may got the looks, but got no hair! Some may consider it trendy, but there are those, especially public people find this condition a problem. People whose looks are their passport to limelight in particular.

Yes, you got it right fellows! Some of the loved celebrities got a fake hair, too. And so, to regain their stunning looks, they have to address this so called “problem” of theirs, and, lucky enough to live in this modern days, they could resort to several options like a hair transplant or hair plug or, better yet, wear a wig. Curious as you are, let’s find out who these lucky stars are with the unlikely hair loss!

John Travolta

Former Academy Award nominee, an all-time Scientology All-Star, big time sex offender is hiding his bald head to the public but never considered it as a disappointment. Choosing not to expose himself, he decided to wear a hairpiece, instead. Quiet funny sight is when he is out in the public with three different kinds of hair length in a week because he forgets to don a hairpiece.

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