TAYLOR SWIFT – The Girl You Love to Hate!!!!


Taylor Swift pursued music early in her life. With that kind of talent, there was no argument she could break through the music industry and become one of the best. Many people of all ages enjoy her music. While others might not like her style, the numbers on the charts would show differently. I’m quite sure you would know a song or two of Swift when asked to sing. There is no doubt she has broken into the hearts of many music lovers.

However, there are also those who love to hate her. Of course, there is always a different side to every story. It is a given she would be hated by a lot more, probably because they don’t like her style of music; or maybe they think she’s too self-absorbed, that she makes music about her exes, or because of what she has achieved, or what she is fighting for. For whatever reasons, some people just want to have someone to hate.

Here is a list of probable reasons you might also hate her…or love her too much you hate her. You know the feeling.

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She is too beautiful.

No explaining needed. Just look at her. Sophisticated and pretty Swift could easily make people’s blood boil, especially those with low self-esteem. She has inspired many a young people with her beauty and her talent.


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