Transformation Patrol!!! Check out how these Singers Looked Like in their First Music Video!!!


Do you still remember your fave singer’s first music video? Probably, but you would not clearly remember how he or she looks like back then. Especially if that singer has been in the industry for quite a long time.

Singers break into the industry with a really impressive song, and more so with a cool and entertaining music video. Let’s take a journey back to memory lane and see how the artists were back then, and then witness their transformation.


1. One Direction

What Makes You Beautiful in 2011 made One Direction beautiful and made all lot of young girls scream and cry.

onedirectionwhatmakesyoubeautifulbeach 640_one_direction_foursome_nozayn

Now, One Direction, minus 1, all grown men with a lot of hair.


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