What did you find today?? Bizarre and Interesting Items on your Beaches!!!


The sea contains not only a myriad of sea creatures, but also of stuff that humans leave behind, trashed, forgotten or lost. And then they find them washed ashore, carried by the waters to unknown beaches. The bodies of water became treasure boxes of lost items. If you think creatures underwater are creepy, take a look at those things tossed by the waves and left on the sandy shores. It ranges from your common shoes, toys and snacks to the bizarre things as animal carcasses and vintage items.

The next time you go to the beach, look around and you might find something interesting.

sources: io9.com, listverse.com

1. Sports Flyswatters

Several dozens of flyswatters were brought in by the waves onto the beaches of Kodiak Alaska one day. They showed logos of sports team in the US. It was a sports fan dream. Later they found out that a container ship with those items was hit by a storm in the middle of the ocean.



sources: adn.com, komonews.com

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