Wild Inspirations!!! Check out these Cars that Look Like Animals!!!


Cars, vehicles, automobiles, transportation. No matter how we call them, they are one of those machines that are important in our daily lives. Most of the time we don’t really care how they work; we just mind how they look. While some look really cool, elegant and luxurious, there are some that are classic, normal and ordinary. But they all work the same anyway. And there are those whose looks are patterned from animals. These are the ones that look really cool. I am not sure if there is any science behind these looks, or maybe they just them to look attractive and one-of-a-kind.

Here are the cars that look like animals. Take a look and see if you could recognize the wild resemblance behind these cars’ designs.

sources: www.autobytel.com, pistonheads.com

1. Austin-Healey Sprite –  Frog

Close Up Stripey Showing big Red Eyes and Smile


sources: www.classic-car-history.com, www.gailshumway.com

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