Adorable Miniature Horses That You May Want as Pets! So Cute!



Mini horses stand at only 34 to 38 inches, and are usually found in Europe and the Americas. They are known to be really friendly and very social that they are often kept as house pets. They interact well with different kinds of people and are known to be companion animals.

Miniature horses, though only as small as ponies, or sometimes even smaller, are still horses and have equine characteristics, like the fight and flight instinct. Even then, they are trained to be service animals and assist people with disabilities. Some people though are hesitant about horses being service animals as they do no have the patience of other trained animals such as dogs; they have argued that they could not even sit properly in a cab, or stay in a hotel room for long periods. Despite the controversies, they are some people who still use mini horses as their assistant.

Whatever the controversy, we cannot deny that these small creatures are overly cute and adorable. Take a look at some of these miniature horses and squeel.


I am as strong as my mama.

980x (1)

Can I sleep on your lap?

980x (2)

I can smell pizza. But where is it?

980x (3)

My bestfriend for life.

980x (4)

I have my own guide dog.

980x (5)

Let me have this banana.

980x (6)

We are forever friends.

980x (7)

A hairy masterpiece

980x (8)

Give me freedom!

980x (9)

Faster, baby!

980x (10)

I am lovely like my mama

980x (11)

Everything around you is all mine.


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