“BEAUTY” According To Different Cultural Perceptions


Beauty is basically determined with the outward appearance of a person. It is the quality of being pleasing to look at. But there is no specific standard set as to how physically attractive a person was. It is based on how an individual interprets the concept of being beautiful for it has been said that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

People may even motivated by the appearances they see in the media to determine what is beautiful and is not, thus, standards for beauty changes over time based on the changing cultural values of the society.

So, how do perceptions of beauty vary across the globe? This simple question leads UK- based “Superdrug Online Doctors” to conduct a survey in several countries around the world in order to determine how their cultural concept for ideal beauty varies.

With the help of female graphic designers from around the world, the company requested them to Photoshop a particular female form, retouching it to fit with their own culture’s definition of beauty.

According to the company, the objective of this project ( Perceptions of Perfection Across Boardersis “to better understand potentially unrealistic standards of beauty and to see how such pressures vary around the world”.

Here are the interesting outcome of the study submitted online by the designers from 18 countries:

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China_taggedSource: sdcdn.scdn1.secure.raxcdn.com 

Egypt_taggedSource: sdcdn.scdn1.secure.raxcdn.com 

USA_taggedSource: sdcdn.scdn1.secure.raxcdn.com

Italy_taggedSource: sdcdn.scdn1.secure.raxcdn.com 

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Peru_taggedSource: sdcdn.scdn1.secure.raxcdn.com

Romania_taggedSource: sdcdn.scdn1.secure.raxcdn.com 


Serbia_taggedSource: sdcdn.scdn1.secure.raxcdn.com

Spain_taggedSource: sdcdn.scdn1.secure.raxcdn.com

Mexico_2_taggedSource: sdcdn.scdn1.secure.raxcdn.com 

South-Africa_tagged (1)Source: sdcdn.scdn1.secure.raxcdn.com

Syrua_taggedSource: sdcdn.scdn1.secure.raxcdn.com

UK_taggedSource: sdcdn.scdn1.secure.raxcdn.com

Ukraine_taggedSource: sdcdn.scdn1.secure.raxcdn.com

Venezuela_taggedSource: sdcdn.scdn1.secure.raxcdn.com

Results showed a lot of variations in the conception of how beauty is actually characterized by different cultures. Some put a great impact on the size, had done a little touch of trimming, but to others, size doesn’t matter at all. The hairstyle variations were evident, especially for the hair color, and of course the waist-to-hip ratio. Others have done a bit of modification as for the outfit.

With this result, you can now therefore make your own conclusions. Good luck!

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