Big Celebrities That Got Fat Fast!!!

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger was once a superstar but unfortunately lost a lot of things that put him on the top. One of which was his hunky body. Getting into the film would be hard for him because of his current body figure. Doesn’t matter at all. He’s doing big as a politician, anyway.


Lady Gaga

And Lady Gaga got the spot, too. The singer that wows audiences with her songs, acts and her dressing styles made headlines in 2012 again. And, that wasn’t because of her song, but rather, her weight. She didn’t got destructed, anyway, however, she did go on to lose the weight she gained a year or so later.


John Travolta

From resident hunk that made girls swoon, John Travolta’s slowly becoming the annoying DOM that all women hate. No, this isn’t to say that he’s ugly. But, John Travolta’s done a lot of letting go over the years. Hoping he would come to the idea of getting back into his original size again.


Matt Damon

From hunky to chunky. Yes, he’s just another gainer in the industry. Matt Damon’s definitely let go of himself these days. He’s got to do a lot of hard work if he wants to regain even a bit of his former form.


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