Different Colors, Different Styles! The Fabulous and Stunning Miss World Gowns! Choose your Favorites!


It could not be denied that in beauty pageants the gowns of the contestants are one of the most highly anticipated and highly criticized. Each woman would don the creation of famous designers from their own country. Depending on the style and the look of the contestant and based on his creative talent, the designer would make his masterpiece.

There has been a lot of gowns that have made an impact on stage and on the competition itself, probably also on how the contestant would carry the dress. There are also those that fall short of expectations. Let’s take a look at the different designs that seem to be a trend among the gowns in the Miss World pageant.

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Gowns fit for a queen

Blue is a color that is fit for any royalty, more so a queen. The ladies look extravagantly royal in these blue gowns. Baby blue, navy blue, bright or dark – it does not matter. These women are queens on the stage. Black as well presents a regal look that also showcases a stunning queenly look.

Miss World 2004 María Julia Mantilla – Peru그림3그림4

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