Fun, Cute and Interesting Photoshoot to Welcome “Baby” into the Family!!!

Having a baby is a joy in the family. And parents would proudly present their little one to the world by having a grand photoshoot. That’s exactly what this family did. The special thing, however, is that they don’t have a little human, but a dog. Couple Matt and Abby and their friend Elisha Collins, a photographer, went on an all out “present your baby to the world” photoshoot. Their new baby Humphrey, a golden retriever and poodle mix, or groodle, is happy with his new family, and seemed to enjoy the photo session.

Taking care of a dog, or any kind of pet, is as big a responsibility and as enjoyable as taking care of children. You can probably say pets are also bundles of joy to the family. It is not the first time that a dog has been welcomed to the family in this way. Snuggles the Jack Russel was also welcomed by his parents, Jan and Chase Renega, in an interesting photoshoot. It is creative and fun and inspiring. So if you’re thinking of welcoming any kind of babies to the family, why don’t you go all out and have a photo family session like these two couples and their dogs.

Welcome baby Humphrey!

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Welcome baby Snuggles!

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