Get Emotional with this Ephemeral and Surreal Photo Series of Dancers Dissolving in Motion by Artist Pistol Wish


Pistol Wish is a creative photographer, artist and visionary. In his recent photo series called the Ephemeron and Swan Lake, he captured and treated dancers in motion, dissolving as they move in grace in the air around them. Ephemeral, yet deeply emotional and expressive. These series are inspired by “movement of air in underwater space.”

Pistol Wish had stated that this is the evolution of photography. The art of taking pictures has taken to another level. It is not only documenting, capturing and taking memories anymore, but it provides the audience emotions; makes the people who are looking at them feel and express. Photography should also make us aware of our surroundings, our environment, the society.

The Ephemeron Series show fleeting moments and emotions captured in dance. In a small span of time, with the click of the camera, the emotion captured expresses a memorial and everlasting moment. This series “reflects ephemeral nature and motion of the subjects.” The photos were treated to show them dissolving in mid air and mid dance. They were processed to create surreal moments in time.

Bask in this wonderful pictures. Express yourself in each movement and every emotion shown in the photos.


Ephemeron, ephemeral, yet deeply emotional


Fleeting happiness


Feel the world around you

DSCF3003_140125_edit_5 DSCF3004_140125_edit_3

Gather your grace

DSCF3007_140125_edit_4 DSCF3008_140125_edit_7

Beauty and strength in motion


Swan Lake, complex, yet beautiful

The Swan Lake series are photos inspired by “tension and shape of air moving underwater.” With this, the subjects have become into faded objects that show complexity and beauty. The process involves several algorithms that focus on tension and flow and transforms pixels into seemingly moving objects with emotion and expression.

epballet7 epballet8The fight between good and evil

epballet-final mbswanlake2Only one survives


The emotional dance of life

swanlake4 swanlake4_2

Nothing is certain


You can see more of Pistol Wish’s photography and art in his website. Take a look at the evolution of photography and digital art. It has never been this beautiful, meaningful and expressive.

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