Meet these 8 Genius Animals that Could Solve Problems Faster than You!


Animals. They are not only cute; they also have a level of intelligence that sometimes surpasses that of humans. Actually, humans often use animal’s certain abilities to create and make something work. What we know and what we can do is only limited to what we have; and there are things and physical attributes that animals use to overcome obstacles that humans find hard to achieve. They have super memories; they use tools and symbols; and they are powerful in problem solving. In short, animals are awesome.

And there are those that are such geniuses you would not have anything but praise for their amazing talents. Let’s check out some of these animals and their abilities that would us feel doubtful about our own level of intelligence.


Their honeycombs are obvious evidences that the engineering power of the bees are way beyond their size. Small but smart, we can call them. Bees remember every flower they had flown to for miles. According to neuropsychiatrist Jeff Lieff, bees learn which flowers are the best from their elders. They also solve problems through symbolism and abstract concepts.

Rooftop bees_0



These giant mammals have excellent memories that make them remember friends, enemies, dangers from a long time. We are talking about half a century long. Elephants are also compassionate; they mourn for their dead friends; and console their loved ones. The also are very social creatures and can be really artistic.

African elephant (Loxodonta africana) group drinking from waterhole - wide angle perspective. Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya.



Crows are known to be amazing problem solvers. They use tools like branches or wires to solve their problems. These birds are really good in analogy and even counting. It has been known that they also understand the Archimedes principle which states that the upward buoyant force that is exerted on a body immersed in a fluid, whether fully or partially submerged, is equal to the weight of the fluid that the body displaces. According to Lieff, they use this ability to manipulate water levels to get food.




These small but terrific creatures show the best kind of teamwork you can ever find. Ants have also developed agriculture much earlier than human beings. An ant has an excellent ability to remember long distances and would probably never get lost no matter how far it has gone.




Some may agree that pigs are actually good pets, because they have the ability to easily learn new things. Pigs know how to deal with situations around them, and could adapt to them pretty well. It has also been known the pigs have really good memories and could remember where food is stored and how much the food there is. They learn things easily, and find it hard to unlearn them.




Dogs are man’s best friends not only because of their loyalty, but also because they help humans in many different ways. Their level of intelligence is excellent and they could follow and understand words and instructions taught to them. Unsurprisingly, they also could read human emotions correctly.

Dogs chase a ball



Raccoons are highly resourceful and they use this ability to survive in the wild. They are also known to use tools when problem solving; and they are real escape artist having been documented to break loose from different kinds of enclosures and traps.




Small, smart, fast. These are rats. Rats are ingenious and resourceful. They are known to be wise and cunning because they can find loopholes in their exams that scientists missed and never even thought of. It also has been proven that they can trained and are useful to humans in certain things.




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