Meet These 7 Gorgeous Bond Girls who are also Miss World Winners and Contestants


Which Bond movie is your favorite? Or maybe which actor who portrayed James Bond is the one you like the most? Another Bond movie is coming, and everyone is excited about it. While the story is always something to look forward to, the actors in the movies are also worth noting. Numerous actors have already played 007, and they are all exceptional. But also worth mentioning are the Bond girls. They may either be heroines who fight evil along with Bond, or villains who bring terror to our spy.

Did you know that many of the Bond girls are Miss World beauty pageant winners and runner-ups? This may not sound so surprising anymore, but they do fit the character–gorgeous, daring, brave women. Let’s a take a look at some of these girls and learn what role they played in the famous movies.


1. Denise Perrier – Miss World 1953 – Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

The beautiful Denise Perrier hails from France and was crowned Miss World 1953. She became a model and an actress and a judge for several Miss World pageants.



She was Marie in the James Bond movie Diamonds are Forever in 1971, and was forced by Bond (Sean Connery) to reveal the location of the enemy by strangling her with her bikini top.




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