Mysterious and Beautiful!! Natural Phenomena That Would Leave You Inspired and Amazed!!


Nature is beautiful. Nature is mysterious. It’s mystery is it’s beauty. The fierce sound of thunder, the blossoming of the flowers, the twinkling night sky, and the gush of the waters – this kind of beauty is just crazy, it’s ruthless and bring wonder and awe. We may not be able to explain natural phenomena, but we cannot deny that they give us something inspiring and amazing.

The forces of nature are strong, inspiring and magical– whether its among the trees, the waters, the air, the flowers, or the animals. They are eye catching and stunning. Words are not enough to describe their wonder and their beauty.

Let us explore them and be amazed and inspired.


1. Creative Clouds

Lenticular clouds

These seemingly unbelievable UFO-shaped clouds are formed because of man-made and natural obstructions the air encounters as it moves on the Earth. They usually lay stationary and are perpendicular to where the wind blows.

lenticular-clouds (1) Lenticular-Clouds lenticular-clouds-near-waddell-arizona


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