That Nordic Guy is Morphing Peoples’ Faces, and The Results are Beautiful!!!


Just like Disney princesses, celebrities are often the target of an artist’s creative genius. Pedro Berg Johnsen from Norway is now gaining popularity because of the mash up of celebrity faces that he did. This is an extraordinary kind of art as it seems he created a new person…a beautiful person actually.

It is not a surprise that these “morphed” people are not real, because they just look too beautiful to be true. Johnsen’s talent is worth recognizing. He gave an interview to Peta Pixel and said that he used photoshop to perfectly blend the faces, but the real deal is done by an application called SqirlzMorph.

This program is basically a multi-morphing freeware that combines the images you want to mix. The features of the images would be smoothly blended and the result would be a new face. It could even mix more than two faces. This marriage of faces is quite fun.

Pedro Berg Johnsen had a lot of fun using this program and, together with his ability as an artist, he created this beautiful people below. All of his work could be seen in his social media accounts. You can take a look, and maybe ask for a request?


All monikers are names created by the author just for the fun of it. You can add in your own.

Arnold Schwarzenegger + Colin Farrell = SchwarFararnold_schwarzenegger___colin_farrell_by_thatnordicguy-d87qv1h

Taylor Swift + Emma Watson = TayWattaylor_swift___emma_watson_by_thatnordicguy-d8squd3

Chris Pratt creations

+ Harrison Ford  = HarriPrattchris_pratt___harrison_ford_by_thatnordicguy-d7t9jen

+ Patrick Wilson = PatPrattchris_pratt___patrick_wilson__bw__by_thatnordicguy-d888j51


Sweet Mix

Elizabeth Olsen + Scarlett Johansson = EliJoelizabeth_olsen___scarlett_johansson_by_thatnordicguy-d84gk74

Emma Watson + Kristen Stewart = WatStewemma_watson___kristen_stewart_by_thatnordicguy-d8fifd1


Guys Fusion

Ethan Hawke + Brad Pitt = HawkPittethan_hawke___brad_pitt_by_thatnordicguy-d8d39k2

Heath Ledger + Tom Hardy = HeathHardheath_ledger___tom_hardy_by_thatnordicguy-d7qwu2w

Jeremy Renner + Chris Evans = Myvansjeremy_renner___chris_evans_by_thatnordicguy-d83z24n


The Hannibal Blend

Mads Mikkelsen + Hugh Dancy = MadDanmads_mikkelsen___hugh_dancy_by_thatnordicguy-d7zm0d4


The Gyllenhaal Mix

+ Matt Bomer = MattGymatt_bomer___jake_gyllenhaal_by_thatnordicguy-d7v4rem


+ Michael Shannon = MG

I swear this looks like Dani Alves from FC Barcelona. 😉

Beauties Mingle

Megan Fox + Angelina Jolie = FoxAngelmegan_fox___angelina_jolie_by_thatnordicguy-d8wj075


The Natalie Effect

+ Elsa Hosk = Natelsanatalie_dormer___elsa_hosk__request__by_thatnordicguy-d8rhvor

+ Emma Watson = Natemmanatalie_dormer___emma_watson_by_thatnordicguy-d8ani75

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