See Brazil, Venezuela, and the Philippines: The Most Successful Countries in the Big 4 Beauty Pageants!!!


The Big 4 are four international beauty pageants for women. While these pageants had been criticized several times for showcasing only women’s physical beauty, the Big4 has consistently been famous and garnering a lot of attention every year. Over the years, Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss Earth contests are trying to tell the people that women have more than just beauty, they also have brains. The winners also do a lot of activities that benefit the society, the environment and the people.

While many countries have been performing well in the pageants, only three countries have won in all 4 competitions: Brazil, Venezuela and the Philippines. Let’s see their beauties and winners!


1. Brazil

Brazil garnered only 6 wins in all competitions, but it is the first country to win in the Big 4. The country achieved this success when it won in the Miss Earth pageant in 2004.


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