Delightful Totoro Cakes That Will Make You Drool!!

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Have you ever heard about Totoro? Some of us probably doesn’t knew him, some maybe a fan, and others might just don’t care. But haven’t you know that Totoro is  just only one of those cuddly, gentle and peace-loving cartoon character? He is all we need to lighten up our cloudy day. He and his army also make kick-ass stuffed toys, carry around bags of acorns, use the leaf umbrellas and travel in a cat bus. He is with the spirit of a forest who comes to the assistance of people in emotional need. So whenever you need emotional care, just shout for his name.. and he will be there.. (hey! sounds familiar.. just like in a song..hmm)

There’s nothing but a great feeling  to see your name written above a birthday cake. I mean, hey! of course its my birthday. Anyways, a birthday cake completes the birthday fever and the more cute, more beautiful, and unique it is, the higher our hesitations to not eat it. We want to just look at it even our stomachs is already shouting for the pleasure of food.. Indeed Totoro’s cake is one of our cravings, and to prove you that here are they below. Seat back, scroll down, and and keep in touch with your little stomach balloon.

  1. Oh well!! had you ever dreamed this cake to be serve on your birthday?



2. Totoro is not only for birthdays, he can also be on wedding cakes. An amazing serving for the newly weds.source:


3. A piece of this could stretch a smile all over the world. oopss dodn’t take literary.source:


4. Now this one has great details that even your finger tip will refuse to touch a certain surface.


5. No way!! this cake is so cute that I would like to keep it until the next centuary.source:


6. Awesomeness overload!!! This one is so adorable!!!source:


7. Here comes the impossible cake.. how would you wish you can have this for your birthday.source:


8. Oh look, totoro still managed to smile even though his other fellas seemed sad.. source:


9. ooohhh.. this cake looks serious.. I wonder what happened down there. source:


10. ohh lala.. Amazing!! the baker is really good. They made me crave for more. source:

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