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What do you mean when you say he’s ridiculous? Yes, this little baby has come to a teenage lifestyle crises and once misguided, he’ll end up rocking his talent away. Being one of the most recognized faces in the showbiz industry, since the age of 16, Justine Bieber has undeniably captured the hearts of many. But it seems limelight had sparked a negative streak upon him and slowly making his career lay low. Quiet alarming, then, that another outstanding talent in music industry might ruin his own career.

Here’s some of Justin’s ridiculousness!

Yes, it’s Justine. And yes again, he’s got several “HER’S” collections like a stylish bag, a cute pink headphones that goes with his dashing pink shoes! Not quiet a rare individual.

JustinBieber-3HeathrowAirport042312-jpg_222114Source: l.yimg.com

Arrived at London Hotel shirtless in spite of the freezing winter weather and a pair of low-slung trousers, exposing his bottom. Justin didn’t a bit bothered, anyway. He’s been seeing like this all the time.

article-2286330-185D3F49000005DC-202_634x822Source: i.dailymail.co.uk

Spotted outside the B&B Burger in SoHo, New York after a meal walking like a hunchback and face covered with bandana. Too bad for a signature walk.

bang_33516_pSource: www.castanet.net

A baby Bieber!  Justine Bieber losing his temper at the paparazzi while in London. He’s trying to go up against the photographers of the English tabloids. \

Source: dailyoftheday.com

What else more appealing to him than a bleach blond hair? Justine must have some crazy taste more than you’ll ever know. Let him have the look he wants to be, but truly… it doesn’t got any better.

Source: images.hngn.com

Justin stepped out in London wearing a colorful ensemble. A purple leopard-print harem pants, a black sweatshirt with illustrations of yellow and blue rolled-up bills, a bright yellow cap with silver spikes, with two gold watches (one on each wrest) for the highlight! Only Bieber can do that.

FFN_Bieber_Justin_FLYNETUK_022713_51024929Source: www.celebitchy.com

A gas mask in public makes Justine looked much more ridiculous. Trying to cover up but the body showed a very Bieber way. Sometimes you need to think it thrice or more.

730165d16d7f9c0869dc4747e193b58c.600xSource: s.likes-media.com

Justin Bieber was arrested for DUI, drag racing and driving with an expired license in Miami Beach, Fla. Mugshots been released with Bieber showing his cute smile at the big camera.

Source: www.eonline.com

Justin Bieber strip down to his boxers during a surprise appearance at charity fundraiser Fashion Rocks. Justin never fails to be awkward lately in front of the public. He was booed, of course.

enhanced-19636-1410347895-2Source: ak-hdl.buzzfed.com

A monkey for a pet is awesome. But for a company is quiet awkward! Yes, Justin Bieber got a pet monkey named Mally. So, its either a cute little creature on his shoulders, or a sight of a ridiculous hat covering his super blond hair. What do you think?

Source: nyppagesix.files.wordpress.com

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