Miniature Replicas by Salavat Fidai on Pencil Leads are Incredibly Small, and Amazingly Great

Artist Salavat Fidai is into small things. And when I say small I meant it in the micro level. Because this artist from Russia can carve masterpieces on the lead of your pencils, on seeds and on matchboxes. They are small, but the artistic level to these pieces are shockingly high and beautiful.

Salavat Fidai is a self-proclaimed experimental artist. He likes the challenge of working on miniature level because of its complexity. Just look at how detailed his works are. This excellent attention to detail in carving every character, building, and item is just magical.

With the use of an X-ACTO knife, he delicately fashions the pencil leads into famous cartoon characters, great architectures and famous buildings. Dealing with something as fine and dainty as lead could be really challenging. The artists has revealed that the right amount of pressure to be used on the material is very important, because if could be easily broken and damaged.


Take a look at the exquisitely fine and detailed miniature replicas of Salavat Fidai on pencil leads:


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